Mouse Guard AP Report 1

May 28, 2009 at 3:01 am (Actual Play, Games, Mouse Guard) (, , )

Entry for the third day of the first waning moon of the Fall of 1152,


            Myself and a young tenderpaw by the name of Thomas were dispatched from Lockhaven this morning to retrieve the weather and captain’s logs from the Frostic outpost.  This is Thomas’ first assignment for the Guard and my first assignment in a leadership roll.  I don’t know if Gyndolin intends for me to become this boy’s mentor or if she will be watching to see how I perform in a position of leadership but either way I intend to do my best for the Guard.


–         Rasputin, Patrol Guard, The Road


Entry for the ninth day of the first waning moon of the Fall of 1152,


            Conditions along the road have been favorable so far.  Tomorrow we are to leave on the ship that will take us across the Northern Sea to Frostic.  Upon reading the weather this evening I can see no sign that the weather will change while we are in route.  Thomas seems to me to be overly fond of food but other than that he is an amiable traveling companion.  He has not complained about the rough conditions on the road and has indeed improved our lot with his excellent cooking skills.


–         Rasputin, Patrol Guard, The Road


Entry for the first New Moon of the Fall of 1152,


            The last two days have been hard on Thomas and I but I fear the strain it has put on poor Thomas.  We arrived at the Frostic docks to find no mouse there to greet us.  Upon reaching the entrance to the fort we discovered that it had been opened by force.  Our investigations lead to the discovery that all in that place had gone mad from ingesting poison that was placed there by forces unknown.  Most had died.

We disposed of the bodies of the fallen after our way and bound the two mice we found alive.  The tainted food and drink were also disposed of though samples of each we kept for further study.  The logbooks we were sent to recover were easy enough to find and we are also taking the logbook of the Quartermaster as proof of who delivered the poisoned goods.

            Thomas handled himself well during all of this and I have to say I am becoming very fond of the lad.  He was so young and innocent when we left Lockhaven and now he has seen more death than even I had in all my time before coming to Frostic, I worry that his quiet as we prepared the bodies was due more to his shock than it was respect for the dead.  He also sustained a tail injury from one of the two survivors and it is beyond my ability to heal.

            We have eight more days in this dead place before the ship returns to take us back to civilization.  We have taken what we could judge safe from the larder and will go fishing tomorrow before the storm rolls in.  Who could have done this?  Why was it done?  Some of our evidence points to Sprucetuck.  Is someone I know responsible for this madness?

–         Rasputin, Patrol Guard, Frostic

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