I Must have been Crazy

June 24, 2009 at 12:38 pm (Games, Life, MetaBlog, Preview) (, , )

If you have been following my blog for the last few weeks you will have noticed that I posted about wanting to do a series of posts that would end up being a full 4e campaign from 1 – 30.  You may have also noticed that I took that blog post down.  I had already plotted out the course I wanted the campaign to go and had all of the adventures planed out with XP and gold rewards as well as what secrets needed to be revealed.  My issue came when I tried to write my first adventure.  What started off very simple soon grew into a maze of branching flowchart nightmareness.  My own GMing style it seems does not translate well onto paper.  


I was unsure what to do with the site for the next few months.  My plan had been to provide weekly encounters to you the readers while also adding in extra tidbits here and there (like new epic destanys, monsters and items).  I may still release some of those things to you as time goes on but if I had put out one encounter per week it would have been likely that 2109 would have arrived before the last encounter.  I still don’t quite know what to do but I can tell you that I will soon have a playtest version of a free RPG called “The Gods Must be Crazy” ready for you within the week!


The Gods Must be Crazy is a brain wave I had while listening to This Modern Death.  I was (and am) still trying to work out my thoughts for a Harry Potter/Twilight mashup game when this game intruded.  Kristin encuraged me via Twitter to let this project run free and so I did and it should be in a readable format in a few days time.  I hope that some of you will take some time with three of your friends and play this game and give me feed back.

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