Purpose in Stats

September 3, 2009 at 1:11 pm (Games, TGMbC) (, , , )

Reading a post by one of my fellow Game Chefs I saw something that really made me think about my own entry and The Gods Must be Crazy. The post was about the specific mechanics of the designers game but there was a nugget in there that really struck a chord with me. The idea was that if there is a part of your system that is not pulling its weight in the game it needs to be improved or removed.

I started checking through the rules for Of Sky and Sea to see if there were any sagging mechanics. So far as I can tell the mechanics of that game are fairly tight and all of them are pulling their weight. The Gods Must be Crazy is a different story. In TGMbC I have three stats that other than color are basicly work the same way.

My challange now is to take a look at those stats and see how I can get them to pull them their weight in the system to make them worth having on the character sheet. More on this later.

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