Sometimes they Win

March 23, 2010 at 8:15 pm (Games, Preview)

Sometimes They Win

3am March 12:

I woke up suddenly with cold sweat beaded on my brow. I sat there in the dark as my dog growled low at me for waking him up. ‘What was it that I had been dreaming?’ There had been blood and metal and screams in my dream but there had also been dice and friends.

I walked to the back door and let the dogs out. As I stood there looking through the foggy glass at my dark yard I began to write down my thoughts.

This game was my nightmare.

“Monsters are real, and ghosts are too, they live inside us and sometimes they win.”

Sometimes they win is a game about real people who go over the edge and start killing their friends. You are your characters and your characters are you. You have no super powers or great technology and all of you are capable of murder. Play starts with each player in the order they arrived. The first player takes a turn telling the second player two imprortant things. The first thing is what is going wrong in their life and the second is why they need to be alive. Both things need to be things that are immediate and important. The second player then assigns one die apeice to those two things at their disgression (d4-d12). Then player two does the same to player three and so on until the last player.
The last player after assigning dice to the player before him flys off the handle and attempts to kill the character of the player before him. The attacking player rolls a d20 and if the number he rolls is less than the dice he has in front of him at the time of the attack that is the end of that players turn. The player being attacked can attempt to keep the attacking player from hurting him by picking up any die d4-d12 and rolling it. A roll of 4 or higher is a success and the players character is unharmed. Win or lose the player being attacked must hand their dice over to the attacking player. At the end of the attacking player’s turn (when the number on the d20 at the start of the round is lower than the number of dice on the table) the attacking player rolls all of their dice while describing how they attempt one last time to kill the defending player. If the attacker rolls over 20 with all their dice then the defending player is murdered and the attacking player becomes the target of one of the other players. If the attacking player fails then the defending player turns the table on the attacking player and kills him instead and then loses his mind and attacks one of the other players.
At any point when the defending player must roll dice he may choose to roll one of the dice that they were given at the start of the game rather than picking a new die off the table. If they do then they can keep that die infront of them rather than giving it to the attacker. Also at any point that the defending player must roll dice they may ask for help. The other players can help by giving one of their die to the defending player and begging the attacker to leave their friend alone. Succed or fail the die that is given stays with the player it is given to. This only works for players who are still alive. Players who are dead may help in a different way. Dead players may at any point that the defender is rolling dice roll one of the dice that was in front of them when they died and use it to add to the defending players roll. If a roll is failed when helped by a dead player the defending players die and the helping players die go to the killer. Attacking players who die keep all of their dice when they die. Keep playing until all of the players are dead.

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