Trader’s Tales Review

January 31, 2011 at 12:34 pm (Uncategorized)

Reposted from twitter:
Just finished the last of @nlowell ‘s Traders tales. I appologize in advance for what will follow as I have quite a bit to say. @nlowell has crafted an always witty and sometimes stirring tale over the course of six books. As I neared the end I prepaired myself for the pain of loss I knew must be coming but found myself woefully unprepaired. I have very much enjoyed the Trader’s Tales and look forward to rereading the series (likely over the summer).

I find myself compairing @nlowell ‘s Traders tales to the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. They are both long and strange journeys with oddly romantic protagonists with clear, if strange, sense of morality. Both tales seem to have taken root in the minds of their creators in powerful ways and spawned side creations. Both have a well rounded worlds that I find myself feeling as though I have lived in. I tend to reply with “Sar” as often as “Sir”. Some have critsized @nlowell for his fixation with the preperation of food in these tales. As a former cook myself I find these details enchanting. They also bring to mind the works of Brian Jaques and the Redwall series (best not read on an empty stomach). I look forward to more stories of the Golden Age. Well done @nlowell and thank you!

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  1. Nathan Lowell said,

    Thanks for the kindness, JB. A lot of people don’t really
    get the “food thing.” If you’ve been out there — aboard a ship
    underway for weeks at a time — then this seems perfectly normal.
    When all you have is the same group of people, a job, and not much
    else, then “little things” like food and coffee become the texture
    of your life. I’m honored to be compared to King’s Dark Tower. I
    actually have another King connection. When he wrote Salem’s Lot,
    he and I lived in the same small town in Maine. He lived around the
    corner from one of my school chums. Of course, now I live in the
    same place that launched James A. Michener (even worked at the same
    University where he taught history) and is now home to Connie
    Willis. I hope some of this genius rubs off on me. 🙂

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