Reverb Gamers Day 16

January 17, 2012 at 9:25 am (Reverb Gamers) ()

Who was the most memorable foe you’ve ever come up against in a game?

The most memorable villain any of my characters ever fought was a half-demon pirate by the name of Baltin. Baltin showed up several times before we finally defeated him and he actually helped us save the world once. The thing that made Baltin great was that he started off small and grew with us and each of us had a reason to want him dead by the end of the campaign.

How did you beat him/her/it? Or did you?

We ended up shattering Baltin in two with a feather from the First Angel’s wing. We couldn’t kill him as he had wedged himself in a crack of reality and if he died all hell would be unleashed. Breaking apart his human and demon halves kept him pinned between reality and what was outside, sealing the rift. All in all it was pretty epic.

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